Makeup Brushes- The Tools of the Trade

When I was younger, I specifically remember seeing all these makeup sponge applicators coming in all kinds of packages. Most ppl used the powder sponge that came with the powder foundations, a sponge for liquid foundation, and the little sponge tip applicators for eye shadow. It was never really pushed to use actual brushes.

Now I think one of the biggest things you see people talking about and pushing for is brushes. I firmly am in support of the so called ” TOOLS OF THE TRADE.” If I remember correctly, I got my first set of real brushes around the year 2007 or so. They came from Sephora, and when I was using them, I noticed my makeup game was at a whole new level.

When I got the brushes, it was like the heavens had opened. You can also try this article for more information. Yes, I can admit that now I don’t use any of those brushes now, and I have upgraded to newer brushes, but it open the doors of heaven. Makeup application and blending changed, and my love for makeup was becoming more and more apparent.

Makeup was just gliding on, seamlessly, I was becoming more skilled, people were complicating me a lot more on how things were looking. I also was able to upgrade to better makeup and the makeup that was a little bit harder to work with was easier to work with bc the brushes seemed to do all the work.

important things to do with your brushes.

So ladies and gentlemen, when you see the little sponge tip applicators, throw them out. I may take a while to invest in some good brushes, but I would rather you invest in good brushes and get less inexpensive makeup bc in the end good brushes do most of the work for you, and after that it is some technique.

Cleaning the brushes is definitely on of the more important things to do with your brushes. This allows one for your brushes to last for the longest period as possible. Some of my brushes are up to 5 years old or older at this point. Another thing is you want to do the cleansing every once in a while just to keep them as germ free as possible. Especially if you do have sensitive or acne prone skin, you don’t want just to keep apply makeup with your brushes when you are having breakouts, rashes, etc. because you will just be rubbing all the germs all over your face.

Makeup Brushes- The Tools of the Trade


Another reason for cleansing and sanitizing is for those of you that may plan on doing other people’s makeup or even if you are just planning on sharing your brushes with a friend. You don’t want to offend but you just never know what kind of germs people may have on their skin. So better to be safe than sorry. Below I am going to list some ways that I tend to keep my brushes clean and sanitized.

I don’t wear makeup everyday but when I do a more intricate look I can use multiple eyeshadows, and my brushes get packed with color. Not only that but say maybe there was a day I did do my makeup, and maybe I had a little bit of a breakout. This is where you want to sanitize your brush. Now there are so many brush cleaners on the market and what I want to make understood is that a lot of the brush cleanser will sanitize your brush so you can rid it of all germs and kill the bacteria, but they don’t necessarily do a full deep cleansing.

There are a couple of brush cleanser (or shall I say, brush sanitizers), and they have been the Sephora brush cleanser and the MAC brush cleanser. I tend to use the MAC cleanser more faithfully, and when I run out, then I will use the Sephora one. One thing to notice is that the MAC cleanser does not have a spray pump, so I did replace the pourer with the spray bc I was wasting a lot of products the way the product came. I use this when I just need to sanitize or before I use my brushes on a new clients face if I have multiple clients in that one day.

This way no one person has another person germs being buffed or brushed all over their face. Another reason I use this is if I used really bright colors and I need to change to a color completely different, then I don’t want to muddy up the colors. (This is also another reason to have duplicates of some brushes, but that will be for another post, another day).

When it comes to cleaning the brushes it took me a while to figure out the method I currently used. I was going through a lot of MAC cleanser to figure out that the color never seemed to come completely out of my brushes. Especially the white or dual fiber brushes seemed to be stained with color, and I kept on wondering why some people’s brushes always looked like new. Well, then I figured why not do the smart thing and ask, to my surprise a lot of other makeup artist told me that they use baby shampoo.

At first I was like what? Really? It sounded like such a cheap resolution. And by the miracles of the heavens above it was. It turned out that they came out super clean, to the point that my blush brush that was peach and pink looked like as if it was just out the packaging, never been used, new brush again. Can I get and “Amazeballs”! Not only did my brushes come out new looking but they were extra clean, smelt great, and super soft due to the baby shampoo giving my brushes the conditioning they needed.

So I was glad to get this tip. Now something to think of if you are an artist is the scents you use in your products and to clean your brushes, and this is bc there are a lot of people out there that are very sensitive to different scents. A great benefit to the baby shampoo, it has a barely there scent but definitely not offensive. Now there is some brush cleanser that I want to try because they are made by other You Tuber’s and I do want to support other makeup artists out there, so when I do try them, I will let you guys know what I think about those products as I try them.

Until then this is my current regimen. The only thing that I would add is that I do use a beauty blender sponge that I think is a must have a product to use for applying foundation and to clean this amazing applicator. You want to use a soy based cleaner and if you have nails make sure to be careful when squeezing because you don’t want to rip the sponge.

In any case, this is just my current regimen, and as all things change, I’m sure that this will as well. I will always be a backup way for me to take care of my brushes bc the Johnsons and Johnsons wash is just so cheap, but as things change and I try them to see how they work, I will let you guys know my opinions. Regardless if the product is not so great or if the product is amazing. If I buy it or if it is given to me, the one thing you will always get is an honest opinion of the product. I hope this helps in the meantime and for now.

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